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Fulton Technology Corporation recognizes the need for systematic process controls and statistical control methods, thereby preventing non-conformity, maintaining quality, and furnishing us with the necessary information for improvement. All of our procedures are well documented in our quality manual.  The following will state in brief how this is accomplished.

First of all, we require certified test reports and chemical analyses for all materials purchased.  Such reports are maintained in our records.  Also, storage of these materials, prior to processing, is maintained in a manner that eliminates any likelihood that they would be confused with other materials in stock.  This is vital in assuring that when we produce that product it will be of quality conformable to the standards of our customers.  Such storage procedures are under constant supervision of management personnel.

Fulton Technology has taken the time and care to research, find out, and purchase the highest quality processing and inspection equipment, with up-to-date computer technology.  This equipment maintains the highest standards and consistent conformity to specifications at every level in the process.  Using state-of-the-art software, each manufacturing procedure is simulated before any actual work is started.  This enables us to foresee and correct many problems in advance of the actual production.

In addition to our use of this technology in design and production, we also employ a sampling procedure pertinent to the part being produced.  This insures constant monitoring for any variables that may have arisen during the course of normal manufacturing procedures, such as tool wear, thermal growth, fixture malfunction, etc.  In accordance with our process control method, all non-conforming parts are quickly removed from the production area, and work ceases until the problem is corrected.  Then the rejected parts are either reworked to standards, if possible, or discarded.

Fulton Technology Corporation takes great care in selecting and using subcontractors who share the same quality philosophy as herein delineated.  These companies supply certified test reports on the procedures accomplished, along with certificates of compliance with any applicable standard.

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